Fun with Edges

The knitscene Spring 2020 collection is all about two things: garter stitch and interesting edges. I recently talked about 5 different ways you can use garter stitch in knitting patterns, so I’m back to talk about the gorgeous knitted edges in this issue. They are each unique in their look and are created by a variety of methods. Let’s get into it!

Knitted-In Edges

knitted edgings

The Peaks & Valleys Shawl, Arrows Shawl, Ellipsoidal Shawl, Swingy Top, and the Herbage Tee all have interesting edge patterns that are knit as you work the project. Some are lace, while the Ellipsoidal Shawl uses a pleat-and-nupp border chart. There is nothing complicated or unusual about knitting an edge detail this way—it’s simply a different pattern from the rest of the project that appears along an edge.

Knitted-On Edges

knitted edgings

One way to add an edging to a piece is to knit and join it to the larger body of a project. An example of this way is the Gauzy Tee by Amy Gunderson (above). The lace edging on the bottom of the body is knit sideways after the rest of the body is knit. This is done by casting on new stitches for the edging, then working row by row along the bottom, joining the edging to the bottom stitches perpendicularly. It is also not complicated, it’s simply a different approach.


knitted edgings

The Arced Shawl by Kristen TenDyke is an example of a project with a fringed edge. The designer also used a cable along the side (bottom) of this shawl—bonus! The cool thing about the way this particular shawl is made is that the fringe is knitted in as you knit the cable, and then you ravel it, so you don’t have to cut lengths of yarn and attach them afterward—the usual method for adding fringe or tassels. How clever!

If you haven’t seen all of the gorgeous projects in knitscene Spring 2020 with unique, fun edges and garter-stitch goodness, you can order your copy right here. Get back into garter stitch, or try out some new fun knitted edgings with the patterns in these pages.

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Header picture: Edging patterns featured in knitscene Spring 2020. All photos by Caleb Dane Young.

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