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Jennifer Raymond is a multitalented woman. A knitter, crocheter, spinner, teacher, and mother of two, she also has a business repairing heirloom knits. As a woman who considers daily flossing to be her grand achievement, I couldn’t help but be impressed by this wide-ranging resume. I was excited to bring her in to film a few workshops, and together we cooked up an alpha and omega of knitterly learning.

All About Yarn

An extremely close view of wool fibers

An extremely close view of wool fibers.

All About Yarn covers the building blocks of every knitted project. If you’ve been to a yarn store recently, you’ve seen the trend in breed-specific yarns, but what the heck does that mean? Learn about types of wool and why every breed of sheep has its own superpowers. Discover how fiber blends can balance each other, like how silk’s drape counters wool’s boing, or how cotton adds cuddle to linen’s crunch. And for you fiber snobs, there are very good reasons to use synthetics such as nylon and acrylic.

Some of the many faces of yarn

Some of the many faces of yarn.

Yarn is more than just fiber—it’s also how that fiber comes together in the skein. Is it plied? Learn why a 4-ply yarn is perfect for cables, while a single works better for lace. The way yarn is spun—into a smooth worsted or a fluffy woolen yarn—can affect your project, especially colorwork. And how did an arcane system of measurements become the standard yarn weights we see on yarn labels today? Jennifer delves into the world of fiber to help you make the best choices for knitting your own projects. Plus there are lots and lots of adorable animal photos.

Darn It! How to Repair Your Knitting

Duplicate stitch makes easy work of repairing Fair Isle.

Duplicate stitch makes easy work of repairing Fair Isle.

What about after you’ve chosen your yarn, finished your project, and wear it all the time—and then all hell breaks loose? Snags, rips, and moths are The Enemy of knitters everywhere. Darn It! How to Repair Your Knitting is your weapon when things don’t go happily ever after. I mentioned that Jennifer is a professional restorer of hand knit projects, and she generously dispenses her wisdom, including how to stop holes before they start. Go way beyond Kitchener stitch and learn how to mend holes in stockinette, cables, and lace. Even stranded knitting is no big deal, and her way of fixing a ginormous hole with lots of loose snaky ends is so simple it borders on genius.

A dramatic reenactment of repairing a shawl.

A dramatic reenactment of repairing a shawl.

Recently, a friend was bemoaning a raveled hole in her store-bought shawl and asked if I might be able to fix it. With Jennifer’s instruction, a set of size 0 double points, and some lace yarn that was close enough in color, I closed a 3-inch hole and you can’t tell it was ever there. I can’t think of a better way to recommend this workshop. When you think about all the time we spend knitting, why should we let all that work be undone in a minute’s carelessness? Check out Darn It! How to Repair Your Knitting and make any damaged knits as good as new.

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