From Such Heights! 21 Knits and a Glacier

The preview for the brand new winter issue is up!

Go check it out! This issue was shot in the shadow of a glacier. I'm still recovering from the altitude sickness. It was August and we were feezing!

I got to stay onsite in the B&B that hosted us for the shoot, the darling Silver Lake Lodge. I spent my cold rainy evenings at 11,000 feet sipping wine and eating porkchops in this sweet nook:

This job just gets harder, folks. Believe me. Look at what awaited me at the second location:

We shot at a cool artist compound in Denver for the second day. It was warmer, but we did have rain most of the day. But this place was so magical. 

Check out the preview and get your copy of Interweave Knits Winter 2015 today! 

Okay I need to go work on my Halloween costume. Have fun out there!

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