Fresh Fall Cardigan Knitting Patterns

I finished my Solitude Jacket from Knitscene Fall 2015! The Solitude Jacket was one of Mari Chiba’s four seamless knitting patterns in her design collection, and was chosen for the Knitscene Fall Knitalong (KAL) project in the Knitting Daily KAL group on Ravelry—be sure to swing by that group, there’s a few fantastic finished Solitude Jackets!IMG_1884b

(It was really, really bright out that day.)

This cardigan knits up pretty quickly…when one has time to knit! Real life threw a couple of curveballs at me during the KAL process, so I didn’t finish as quickly as I think I should have but it still only took me about seven weeks to knit this—even less if I subtract the couple of weeks when I didn’t knit on it at all.


The weather in Colorado has been, well, the weather in Colorado, which means some days it’s nice and cool, appropriate for fall, and then some days it’s in the lower 80s and I whine about the fact that I can’t wear my new cozy sweaters. I worked this in the Solitude Wool Romney the pattern calls for and it’s delicious. For being a heavy worsted yarn, it’s a fairly lightweight  jacket and really comfortable to wear.

IMG_1866Solitude Jacket Front

I picked up the buttons while I was at Fancy Tiger Crafts down in Denver one day. I really liked the look of the buttons on the original sweater and wanted to emulate them. I was not purposefully trying to emulate that photograph but whatever, I’ll take it.

We’re finally finishing fall garments here—be sure to see Hannah’s post about her Cormac Sweater from Leah B. Thibault—and it’s just in time too! That’s why I kind of like that Knitscene comes out so early for a season. We have plenty of time to knit for the appropriate season!

Knitscene Fall 2015 patterns are available for individual download now. You can pick up the Solitude Jacket or any of our three other cardigan knitting patterns from this issue. Or the Cormac Sweater, the Allotrope Pullover, the Caldwell Pullover, or one of the other five sweater patterns to knit.

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And we can’t forget about the great accessories to knit in this issue too! The Tourlaville Shawl was one of our most popular patterns, and we still have some of the Caen Cowl Kit left in stock—both of these projects are great ways to learn brioche knitting techniques. There’s seven other accessory knitting patterns to choose from as well!

tourlaville shawl knitscene fall 2015KnitScene-2015-Fall-0045KnitScene-2015-Fall-0097KnitScene-2015-Fall-0225KnitScene-2015-Fall-0344KnitScene-2015-Fall-0382KnitScene-2015-Fall-0515KnitScene-2015-Fall-0938-2

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