Calling All Writing Knitters! Wanna Write for Interweave?

Hey there, you! Are you a knitter? If you are reading this, I’m guessing you are. Do you also happen to be a freelance writer? If so, please keep reading. I have a proposition for you.

Interweave knitting magazines are looking for writers for feature articles. We want to work with skilled writers and fiber artists to tell the important and engaging stories about the companies and players in the yarn, fiber, knitting, and surrounding industries. The ideal Interweave writer can bring strong, outside-the-box ideas to us, as well as be able to execute ideas we bring to you. Does this sound like you? See the submission call below, and send an email to We’ll let you know if we want to work with you!

How to Submit

● Title the subject of your email, “Interweave Knitting Writing Submission”
● Include the following information:

○ Full name
○ Location
○ Years of experience writing
○ Years of experience knitting
○ Chosen writing sample in a Word Doc or PDF attachment, or a direct link if published online
○ Your pitch for a story based on ideas you might already have generated, new ideas, and/or ideas related to the prompts below


● This is an open call, so there is no deadline.
● Understand that our publishing cycle is quite long; if your submission is accepted and assigned to an issue, it could take anywhere between four and nine months between contracting and publishing.
● Payment is based on experience, word count, and whether or not author provides assets such as images; each article is priced on an individual basis.

What We’re Looking For

Interweave Knits (quarterly)

● Thoughtful stories about yarn companies with unique histories or practices
● Unique personal essays (contemplative, humorous, etc.) related to craft and knitting
● Stories on traditional or historical knitting

knitscene (quarterly)

● Short profiles of indie yarn dyers
● Stories about the intersection of life and craft
● Profiles of “craftivists” and fiber artists turning their knitting into activism
● New book reviews
● Current knitting and fashion trends

knit.wear (biannual special issue)

● Profiles on luxury brands
● Designers, artists, and influencers spotlights
● Textile, fiber, and fashion trends

Interweave Knits Gifts (annual special issue)

● Holiday-related articles
● Stories about gift giving
● Stories about charity knitting

All magazines:

● Knitting travel stories
● Profiles of top or incoming designers shaking up the industry
● Profiles of knitting artists
● In depth yarn reviews of a wide range of fibers

If you have ideas beyond these prompts that you are excited to write, present them to us! We’ll make our decisions based on voice, engagement, readability, idea organization, and grammar and spelling correctness. We look forward to reading your submissions!

Happy writing!

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