Free Your Spirit on a Trip through the Four Corners Region!

It’s back to business as usual after the Holidays, and to be honest, this time of year can be kind of a bummer for me. The last few winter months are creeping along at a snail’s pace, and the yearning for long sunny days has really started to set in. I may be jumping past a season here, but there’s just nothing quite like the summer! More daylight means more opportunities to travel and spend time freeing our spirits from the wear of the daily grind. But let’s face it; I have a LONG way to go before summertime.

Aside from a tropical getaway, there isn’t much I can do for the pre-summertime blues but daydream as I knit. So if you’re like me and need an imaginary vacation today, grab your knitting needles and follow along as we travel through Free Spirit Knits and the Four Corners region of the American Southwest.

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We start our journey traveling south from the Interweave offices toward the southwest corner of Colorado. The jagged gray San Juan Mountains capped by snow-covered peaks tower above the horizon and are mirrored in the colors of the San Juans sweater. Carry inspiration from the surrounding foliage with you as you adorn yourself with the Aspens sweater.

free spirit knits

New Mexico

Travel south from there down into New Mexico. As the landscape begins to change, notice the outcropping of plant life changes as well. Yucca, agave, and varieties of cactus contrast cool colors against the warm sand just like the Tres Flores shawl. As you arrive in the capital, fill your lungs with the smoky-sweet scent of roasting green chiles as you explore the city streets in your Sante Fe wrap.

free spirit knits


As you journey on to Arizona, find respite from the desert heat with a hike to the peak at the Arizona Snowbowl. Snuggle up in your Snow Bowl hoodie at the summit, and catch a glimpse of your next destination sprawling on the horizon. Travel a mere hour and a half north to one of America’s most-treasured destinations. Hold on tight to your Grand Canyon coat as you peer over the edge of this vast natural wonder.

free spirit knits


Finish your trip through the Four Corners by heading north up into Utah. While passing through Navajo land, admire the flocks of churro sheep, and pay homage to this ancient and hardy breed with your Churro Sheep cowl. Pull on your Monument Valley sweater as you take in iconic vistas that inspired its design, and drive home toward the horizon as the sun begins to fade.

Let your wandering spirit lead you to your next favorite project with Free Spirit Knits, and don’t forget to look to the beautiful world around you when seeking inspiration.

Happy free-spirit knitting,

Ready to free your knitting spirit? Check out Free Spirit Knits today!

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