Free Knitting Pattern: Slouch Rib Cardigan

Are you an adventurous beginning knitter who wants to try your hand (and your needles) at a sweater? Or perhaps you’ve been knitting for years and years, but you want a simple project to take with you on a trip—a project that you can wear soon after you get home! Then take a look at Cathy Payson’s Slouch Rib Cardigan!

Me in the Slouch Rib Cardigan

When I tried on this sweater, I found that, despite the name, this little cardi could be worn a number of different ways. Make it with a few inches of positive ease, and it is indeed slouchy and comfy and ready for a Saturday morning walking the dog. Make it with zero or negative ease, and it becomes almost like a knitted suit jacket, something you can keep at the office for those days when the air conditioning gets a little out of hand.

In the photo, I am wearing the sample garment with about 1.5 – 2″ negative ease. (The sample is about 38″ at the bust, I am just over 39.5″ at the bust.) I found that the deep ribbing at the hem, and the rows of garter stitch just above, provided a lovely sort of natural waist shaping (ahem), and the deep scoop neckline was very flattering to The Girls. I liked the snug cuffs at the wrist, which kept everything neatly in place.

And the yarn…wow. Karabella’s Iris is silky and soft, with plenty of memory to help the sweater keep its shape as I move about. Oh, no wonder I like this yarn… I just looked at the yarn specs. It’s got a touch of cashmere in there, mixed in with the silk and the lovely wool. (I am soooo predictable.)

Whether you make it slouchy and comfy or close-fitting and comfy, the pattern is a fast knit, thanks to size 10.5 needles and a bulky weight yarn. Plus, there’s nothing harder than a k2tog and picking up stitches, so it’s a great first sweater (or TV knitting) pattern.

Hmmm. Maybe for me, a deep forest green, with abalone buttons… what do you think? Of course, my friend Erin would whomp me if I started another project right now, but dreaming about our next project is part of the fun of knitting, don’t you think?

The Slouch Rib Cardigan is available as a free download and was featured in Interweave Knits Spring 2008.

Comments? Do you like the sweater better with positive or negative ease? Let us know what you think!


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