Free Pattern: Knitted Stars (Fun Stashbusters)

These cool little knitted stars are easy and quick to make. Each of the five “points” is knitted flat and joined to the last point. They’re also easy to adjust in size—try tiny ones for gift tags; or much larger ones for decorations; or sew two together and stuff. These will add a special touch to any star-centric holiday!

Check out the free full pattern here.

As you can see above, I am working a 21-stitch segment star in a bulky gradient yarn called Cascade Rabat. A gradient colorway is one that slowly shifts from one color to the next, allowing for a kind of watercolor effect. These yarns are particularly neat in motif and modular projects–the segments, like the segments of my star, keep each section of color concentrated in one area, instead of striping across long rows, as would happen in a sweater. Here’s what the stars look like in solid colors, below.

Get to Stitching These Fun Stars!

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