Free Pattern Friday!

Many of you probably saw the email template that was accidentally sent out early this morning. You got a peek behind the curtains—that’s my blank slate, from which I create the Knitting Daily emails.

The correct email went out, too, and I hope you checked out the beautiful lace projects and chart tutorial.

I wanted to give you a treat, though, to thank you for bearing with me, and for being loyal readers. So, here are three free patterns. I hope you enjoy them.

Free pattern Collage

Clockwise from top right: Salunga Lace Beret; Black Bunny Cowl; Lochlan Chevron Hoodie (For the Lochlan Hoodie, click on the link, and then scroll down to the second “How To” subheading, and click on the hoodie link; the pattern will automatically download.)

Have a wonderful weekend!



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