Free Pattern: Big Stitch Pillow by Becca Smith

Our guest blogger this week is Becca Smith, who owns the family-run company The BagSmith, known for its specialty notions, oversized knitting needles (think sizes 20” – 32”), oversized  crochet hooks (sizes S and U), and Big Stitch Alpaca Yarn. Becca is also the author of Big Stitch Knitting and Big Stitch Crochet, and lucky for us, she works ten minutes from our TV studios in Beachwood, Ohio and has been a frequent guest on Knitting Daily TV. Curious? Wait until you see her needles in action in today’s featured video on her Big Stitch Pillow! Now here’s Becca…


Hi Knitting Daily readers. I just returned home from the Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair, which was lush with ideas; I found a yarn that incorporated shredded money, and I can hardly wait to use it in my next “stash project.”

Many of our customers were just fascinated with the idea of working with their stash and finding unusual combinations. We had two blankets on display, one knitted and one crocheted. Both were made from stash yarn, and both had one yarn that was carried through the entire piece; using a base yarn throughout while adding lots of odds and ends will give consistency to your projects.

The knitted blanket had eleven additional fibers, some very thin and some more of a DK weight. Some of the stash was worked in for several rows, other parts were short and made it through only part of a row on size 50 needles. The base yarn was a yarn standard 5 (worsted).

In the crocheted blanket the base yarn was two strands of DK weight (yarn standard 4) and we used various weights of stash yarns—four  strands in addition to the base yarns—on a size S hook. It has a light, open feel to it and the range of colors is quite attractive.

If these projects appeal to you, organize your stash according to color. Make your piece all one color group with many variations of textures or mix everything up as you go. You can create wild and crazy stripes moving from one color group to another. The length of the yarn has to be 18 inches or more in order to make it across an entire row. When a yarn runs out, just replace it with another of approximately the same weight.Use up that stash so you can buy more yarn!

For another great big stitch project idea, download the free Big Stitch Pillow pattern, as seen on Knitting Daily TV Episode 104, "Quick and Chunky." This pillow requires 120 yards each of a sport weight, worsted weight, and bulky weight yarn and you’ll need size 50 (25mm) 16” or longer straight needles. You can watch me demonstrate how to knit with size 50 needles in the video clip below. Enjoy!

Thank you for supporting Knitting Daily TV on PBS, and I hope you’ll tune in to the new season, where I demonstrate The Big Softie rug using Size U Big Stitch Tunisian Crochet Hooks.

–Becca Smith

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