Free Download: Color Your Own Socks!

Bekah is the creative genius behind the layout and design of Sockupied Fall 2014. She made all the pictures look pretty and pulled everything together, doing much of the interactive parts herself.

And then she made the crazy statement of "what if we did a coloring page for the Last Stitch?" I think she was joking, but I just ran with it.

With socks like Lucy Neatby's True North DK socks, why wouldn't we do a coloring page? These socks are fantastically bright and colorful, thanks to the two colors of Twisted Fiber Art Tasty Evolutions yarn. So they made the perfect coloring page for Sockupied users to print out and color.



But I'm willing to be that many of us love coloring and love sock knitting, so I'm sharing the coloring page as a free download. That's right! You can download the coloring page today, print it out as many times as you'd like, and color away to your heart's content.

If you want to knit Lucy's incredible socks, you'll still need to purchase Sockupied Fall 2014 to get the knitting pattern, but it comes with five other incredible sock knitting patterns, Kate Atherley's indispensable article on how to knit long-wearing socks, and our favorite wool washes and breed-specific yarns for knitting socks. But with this free download, you'll be able to plan out every version of the True North DK socks you can think of before you start knitting.

Download your free coloring page by clicking on the image below, and happy knitting!


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