Free Childrens Knitting Patterns from Knitting Daily: 8 Free Knitting Patterns for Children

Surprise someone you love with a handmade knitted gift from this free children's knitting patterns eBook!

The pattern used in Petite Feet follow the basic sock pattern in from Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns (Interweave, 2002) and is a choose-your-own-ending formula. Determine the finished size of your sock and the gauge  (based on your yarn and needles); then follow the instructions using the correct numbers from each table. You can use the basic pattern here to work a plain sock with a ribbed cuff or integrate the directions with the five “recipe” patterns given here. Each recipe lists the materials needed for that sock design, then directs you how to work the sock by referring back to the basic pattern.

Back to School
by Norah Gaughan, a unique cotton pullover sized from small child to extra-large adult, features a flattering asymmetrical textural pattern worked in a combination of stockinette, seed, and garter stitches.

The lime green color of the super simple School-Girl Pullover by Ann Budd-plus the rolled edges and cropped length-give it a fresh look, just right for the schoolgirl with a modern sense of style. Whatever color you choose to knit this sweater in, it's sure to delight your school girl.

The yoke of Stop-Traffic Circles by Kristin Nicholas is decorated with cheerful concentric circles. Simple chain-stitch embroidery around the knitted-in circle motifs gives them added dimension and a smooth outline. The body of the sweater is worked in knit-and-purl ladder-stitch patterns interspersed with simple cable panels. The finished sweater is machine-washed it gently to even out any irregularities in the embroidery and to give the sweater a soft, semifelted surface.

The Shadowy Vest by Marilyn Murphy is made in a clever, easy colorwork pattern. The yarn combination is what makes the magic; the combination of a solid and a multicolored yarn and strategically placed knits and purls makes the shadow strip pattern. Sized for a 2 year old to a 10 year old, you'll want to make one for each of your special little people.

Amy Clarke Moore designed the Unspun Roving Mittens to keep her children's  hands warm in the winter. They're knitted with unspun roving and then fulled slightly for added warmth. These are great for adults as well; the pattern includes instructions for child's size and woman's size mittens.

Laura Rintala's You Kiss a Hundred Frogs Purse is the perfect little back-to-school backpack. Your little one will love packing it with a pencil box and a sack lunch!

Earflap Hats by the Knitscene Design Team includes three patterns-one for men, one for women, and one for children-with optional pom-poms. An earflap hat is guaranteed to make you and your little person as happy as your ears are warm!

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