FO Friday: Andrea’s Red Clay Top

I’m so proud to announce that I have finally finished my first ever knitted garment!

Does it have sleeves? No.

Does it have shaping? No.

Is it a garment? Yes!

I cast on my Red Clay Top, designed by Joan Forgione for knitscene Spring 2017 back in March. After some unpleasantness with gauge swatches, the top was a breeze to knit. The simple two-sided lace pattern was easy to memorize, perfect for TV binge-knitting and knitting in the car. I cannot recommend this project highly enough!

Having never knitted a garment before, I was unprepared for the huge difference blocking would make. I meticulously pinned the damp fabric to the correct measurements and was rewarded by instantly seeing the chevron lace pattern come to life.

The finishing of this piece was also very easy, with a three-needle bind-off to join the shoulders and two simple, straight side seams. The arm holes and neck hole were edged with a few rows of garter stitch, and then I was done!

Now, I can’t stop thinking of ways to style my new knitted top. Here are a few of my favorites:

Red Clay Top

So, if you’re on the hunt for an easy first venture into garment knitting, or if you’ve got a long car trip coming up, give the Red Clay Top a try. Once you have the lace pattern memorized, you won’t believe how quickly you’ll be churning out fabric.

“One more repeat,” you’ll tell yourself as the third season of your new favorite show slips by. Let it happen. This top is worth it.

Yours in Stitches,

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