My First Pair of Socks: A Cuff Start

Socks are my Ravelry eye-candy. They woo me with gorgeous stitch patterns and vibrantly colored yarn. But recently it got to the point where I had saved so many sock patterns to my library that I knew it was time to take the leap. I was ready to embark upon my journey of knit socks.

knit socks

I wanted these knit socks to have a practical function, but also an element of fun. Hiking socks fit the bill with my large camping trip coming up in a couple months. At work, we had just finished the photography for Love of Knitting Fall 2017 (not yet released!).  I had admired the Thames Path Socks by designer Lisa Jacobs during the shoot, so I printed out the pattern and entered into a cycle of progress and frogging.

To be honest, I struggled with using 6 working needles. What on earth was I thinking? The more the merrier does not apply to needles with sock projects; the number of needles in such a small space overwhelmed me. I had 4 holding stitches, 1 to work in the round, and a cable needle. But after learning a new trick, I am happy to be down to 4 total and things are going smoothly.

This trick comes from our project editor, Laura Hulslander, who suggested I replace the cable needle with 2 simple stitches. The pattern calls for narrow left and right cables on the cuff, and I now substitute the following:

1/1 LT: With right needle in back of left needle, knit 2nd st on left needle tbl, then knit first st. Slip both sts off needle.

1/1 RT: K2tog, leaving both sts on needle, knit first st. Slip both sts off needle.

The RT replaces the cable needle in the back. A way to remember this trick is the phrase, “I’ll be right back.”

I have this photo of my progress and I love how the ribbing looks. But when I tried it on, it felt a tad too loose. I will have to frog and start again with a smaller needle. Wish me luck, please!

I used the suggested yarn, Lorna’s Laces Solemate, in the gorgeous Cermak colorway. The fiber combination of superwash merino wool, Outlast viscose, and nylon ensures a luxuriously soft but durable sock. This yarn comes in what seems like an endless supply of colorways— truly the perfect choice for any sock. I’m hoping the tonal quality of the Cermak colorway will help hide dirt (a very real problem with hiking socks). Also, it makes the squishiest cake I’ve ever encountered—the perfect stress ball for a break between froggings.

Are you currently knitting any socks? Let us know which pattern in the comments or show us on Instagram @Interweave Craft.

Happy knitting,

Sarah Rothberg
Assistant Editor, Interweave Knits

We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into the upcoming fall edition of Love of Knitting, releasing in mid-June.

Until those pages are available, here are some other sock suggestions for your needles!

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