The Seashell Tank: Finding Success in My First Knitted Garment

I am completely hooked, I want to re-make my whole wardrobe, and I’d like to somehow travel back in time to make 1-year-ago-knitter-me start knitting garments. The Seashell Tank by Heather Zoppetti was an incredible first top to knit; I’ve struggled, I’ve adapted, and I’m a much better knitter for it.

Seashell Tank, not quite finished

When I look back at where I was at the beginning of my first garment journey, struggling with the lace and timidly working the crochet edging, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much. I now know how to knit a doily and an I-cord edging, and how to work a new cast-on. I love the time and effort knitting this top took me, and I want to model it every day (paired with a huge grin).

Seashell Tank

But of course, I had to make some tweaks to make this project work for me. I started by working the crochet edging closer to the body so I could maintain the structure that crochet provides without the loops at the bottom. Then I omitted the corset lacing in the back because I wanted a boxier top that would be more flattering on me. Finally, I knit it in black (instead of pink), but I still used Anzula Breeze.

And I am so glad I did! I am pretty much obsessed with Breeze. It’s so light and soft I forget I’m wearing two tanks. And the way this tonal yarn knits up is fun to watch but doesn’t distract from the top’s design elements. Plus, you can knit the whole top with one skein, so you’re basically paying a retail store price for a custom-made top. How often does that happen to knitters?

The Seashell Tank by Heather Zoppetti

I’ve learned that few things make me feel as accomplished as wearing clothing I’ve made myself, and I have the Seashell Tank and Heather Zoppetti to thank for opening my eyes. How does making your own clothes make you feel?

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