My First Colorwork Project: The North Star Flip-Top Mittens

I loved making the North Star Flip-Top Mittens from Interweave Knits Gifts 2018. They knit up surprisingly fast and my mom requested a pair seconds after seeing them. I can’t stop smiling when I wear them! They’re my first colorwork knitting pattern attempt and I am so proud of how they turned out.

Not every moment was a fairytale, but after my rough start, and working to salvage the yarn from my attempts, these convertible mittens flew off the needles. Moving to a larger needle size and knitting the larger pattern size helped immensely, but the biggest change was wet-blocking the mittens.

They looked quite rough before their soak, but once they were on the blocking mat, all of the bits that brought me embarrassment seemingly disappeared.

I’ve made some slight adjustments to the original pattern, replacing the knit fingers with a ribbed fingerless mitt piece. I also left out the loop and button because my mitten tops were too long. I settled on using snaps to hold the mittens open (you can find snaps in any sewing section). They’re a tad finicky though and I would suggest using larger snaps than I did.

The versatility of the North Star Flip-Top Mittens makes them perfect for my morning commutes. In mitten form, they protect my hands from ice when scraping the windshields and then I remove the mitten tops and have a lovely pair of mitts to separate my hands and the chilly steering wheel.

The yarn, Trendsetter’s New York, is delightful to work with. This 2-ply has just enough stickiness to make tinking a breeze but unravels quickly and without any fuss. And the wool knits up into mittens that keep my hands at a lovely temperature, even when the outside of the mittens gets a little damp.

I am taking a short break before I make the second pair for my mother. I have a little cabled number I’m working on from knitscene Accents 2018!  But I am really looking forward to making another set. This time, I’m going to turn the work inside out to help with my tight-float issues.

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