Finished Object: The Angelina Pullover

Christmas has always been a cherished day for my family: it’s the only day of the year when the rest of the world melts away and the only people that exist are cozily nestled inside our home. Although we’re lucky to have presents every year (often in abundance), the gifts are a small part of what makes Christmas special in our house. Truly, what—no, who—makes Christmas special is my mama, Ann.

angelina pullover

My cute mama, Annie B, in her new Angelina Pullover.

Imagine the quintessential New England Christmas home and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what my parents’ house looks like in December. This nostalgic, comforting holiday home is all created by my mama, who has an innate ability to transform our sweet house into a place where time stops and we are allowed to simply be together with no distractions, even if it’s just for a day. I could bore you with tales of our traditions of games, movies, brunch, and so on, but I’ll just say that Christmas is a day that I look forward to all year, and it nourishes my heart and soul.

The Angelina Pullover by Mary Anne Benedetto. Made in Quince & Co. Lark, color Sabine.

To thank my mama for this precious gift she gives us every year, I often look to my knitting needles. When I first began giving her handknit gifts I started with small things like shawls and scarves, but as the years have passed, I’ve progressed to gifting her handknit sweaters. She always cries with joy, and she wears her gifts constantly, treasures them, and never hesitates to ask for another one later the same day.

My mama is definitely knitworthy.

This year, her Christmas sweater was more special than usual; it was the project that pulled me out of my 2017 knitting funk. The Fall 2017 issue of Interweave Knits is full of gorgeous designs, but the Angelina Pullover by Mary Anne Benedetto stood apart from the rest. I knew the moment the sample arrived at our offices that I had to make it for my mama.

The Angelina Pullover has everything she loves in a sweater: cables, an A-line silhouette, cables, three-quarter sleeves, cables, a circular yoke, cables, a shirttail hem, and did I mention it has cables? My mama loves cables. And these cables are fun, easy, and quick to work; I zoomed through the yoke in a few evenings of podcasts, vinyl record sessions, and mindless TV.

You’ll probably notice that my mama’s Angelina Pullover is a bit longer than the original sample. Although I did make a few intentional modifications to my version (ribbed neckline and sleeve shaping), the extra length was an unintentional but delightful surprise.

(Luckily, my mama also loves tunics.) These things happen, but what is most important is my mama has another beautiful sweater to add to her antique sweater chest and winter wool rotation.

Ready to join its mates in the sweater chest.

The day after Christmas, she pulled on her Angelina Pullover and we popped into the backyard for a quick, snowy photo shoot. My sister’s little Goldendoodle, Sydney, decided to get in on the action, too.

Photo bomber

And no, I won’t be making Sydney a matching Angelina Pullover—she’s cute enough as is.

Sydney, the Christmas pooch.

Did you gift a handknit item this year? Share your Knitmas presents with us!

Merry Post-Knitmas,
Meghan Babin, editor

Forget Knitmas! Make it for you!


  1. Dell C at 10:56 am January 12, 2018

    I made a scarf for one daughter and hats for my other daughter, their husbands, and all three grandsons – 6 hats and a scarf and I just started knitting them the week before Thanksgiving. They were all well appreciated!


  2. Kimberly M at 12:05 pm January 23, 2018

    Your sweater is GORGEOUS! I love the tunic length, the color, the neckline and yoke, the bell sleeves. Your mamma looks great. Well done.

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