Finishing Tips for Bulky Projects


My Tahki Taos Vest: A tangle of ends!

Chunky, bulky yarn is back in! There are many great things about knitting with this yarn, not the least of which are the cozy, quick-to-knit garments that you end up with.

Finishing can be tricky, though, because it's easy to end up with bulky seams that don't hang well. Here are some finishing techniques to add to your toolkit, from my friends at Berroco.

1. Use smaller-gauge yarn for seaming.
2. Work side seams half a stitch in.
3. Pick up stitches very close to the edge.

For photos and more info, check out these tips from the Berroco website!

I have quite an issue with my own knitting right now. I just finished a vest knitted with Tahki Taos, which is a bulky, thick-and-thin yarn. There are color changes every 8 rows, so I have an incredible number of ends to deal with (see the photo at left).

I was going to use my Serger to sew along the edges, which I've done before and it's worked beautifully, but I had an equipment malfunction. I need to get my Serger serviced!

What I decided to do is seam the sweater and thread each end just once through the seam so I don't make it too bulky. Then I'm going to cut off the ends leaving about an inch loose. The ends are already felting a bit, so with just a couple of wearings the ends should be felted enough to hold forever. Here's hoping!

Have fun knitting with bulky yarn this season! I hope these knitting techniques help you out.


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