Finished Object Friday: Kathe Cardigan

As soon as the Kathe Cardigan sample came in for the Interweave Knits Fall 2016 issue, I knew I had to make one for myself. It’s such a pretty sweater! I love all the gorgeous details: lots of leafy lace, a nice wide collar, and a cute cropped length. Fancy enough for dressing up but casual enough for everyday wear, it’s perfect for pairing with a dress (as seen here) or throwing on over a T-shirt and jeans.

As I was working this pattern, I came across a technique I hadn’t used before: a tuck. A tuck is a small fold knitted into the fabric. Here, you work the tuck between the fronts and collar by knitting a row using two needles (shown on the left, below) then leaving one of the needles in the work (right image, below). After working a few more rows, you knit the stitches from both needles together, forming a ridge. It’s a unique detail that creates a strong delineation between the narrow lace fronts and the wide moss stitch collar.

kathe cardigan
This cardigan is made with SweetGeorgia Yarns Superwash Sport. I chose the Goldmine colorway for a couple of reasons. First, a bright, cheery cardigan is perfect for chasing away the winter blahs. Sunshine yellow is just what I need after so many gray days. Second, a coworker had made an off-hand comment that no one looks good in yellow. What?! I most certainly do! Challenge accepted. “Grellow” (gray and yellow) has been one of my favorite color combinations for a while, and I have an astonishing number of primary-colored T-shirts that coordinate nicely with a yellow cardigan. (What can I say? I’m a kindergartener at heart.)

Overall, I’m super pleased with my new cardigan. A nice bright color, pretty lace, and a snuggly collar—what’s not to love? I’m calling this one a win!

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