Finished Object: A Perfect Cardi

Last week, I had grand plans to show off my shiny new Medallion-Edged Shrug and a cute yarn-patterned dress at Yarn Fest. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Due to chronic procrastination a tipsy attempt at lace knitting circumstances beyond my control, it just didn’t come together in time. However, I generally find that even when things don’t go as you planned, they usually work out in other ways! For example, let me tell you about my fabulous Trefoil Cardigan (that I didn’t make).

A few years ago, my friend Erica fell in love with the book November Knits. She debated which pattern she wanted to start with and finally settled on the Trefoil Cardigan, designed by Shetland knitter extraordinaire Gudrun Johnston. What’s not to love? It’s a great combination of simple stockinette stitch and a very rewarding stranded yoke to finish. She chose a nice neutral gray for the body and a variety of purples for the flower motif. She spent months working on it, making a truly classic knitted cardigan.

Too classic, as it turns out. After finishing it, she tried it on. While she still liked the idea of it, she just couldn’t see herself wearing it. She decided that a traditional, feminine cardigan wasn’t really her style and didn’t really fit into her wardrobe of Dr. Who and Deadpool T-shirts. Rather than adding it to the Goodwill pile, Erica offered it to me.

Of course, I promptly swooped it up. I’ve always loved classic yoked cardigans, and I had been eyeing the Trefoil Cardigan pattern. It’s the perfect transition-season cardigan: a nice, light layering piece for when the weather is still a little chilly but you’re over wearing heavy sweaters. The purple flowers are so springy. Plus, pockets! It’s been in my sweater rotation ever since Erica gifted it to me. So while it didn’t work out for my friend, it most definitely worked out for me!

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