Find your Perfect Yarn and Candy Pairing

Yarn and candy—we crave them both. Thankfully, you don’t find mini-skeins in the checkout aisle (I would most certainly be broke). Pick your favorite candy from this list, and we will introduce you to an awesome yarn pairing.

If Snickers are your favorite, try Arranmore (The Fibre Co.).

Luxurious chocolate with pops of crunch and deliciousness, Snickers is meant to go with a squishy tweed yarn like Arranmore from The Fibre Co. Arranmore comes in 20 colors ranging from neutrals to a vibrantly dyed palette. This yarn makes amazing garments and knits up fast thanks to its aran weight.

Hershey’s bar
If Hershey’s are your favorite, try 220 Superwash (Cascade).

A dependable staple, Hershey’s pairs amazingly with a great superwash. Cascade’s 220 superwash wool is the famous and classic yarn-candy for the yarn-obsessed. This yarn can go in the washing machine AND the dryer. It is perfect for childrens’ garments and gifts for non-makers.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
If Reese’s are your favorite, try DK or Lace (June Cashmere).

Extra yummy and worth a little extra in price, Reese’s are my guilty pleasure, much like cashmere yarn. June Cashmere comes in lace and DK weight and is organically dyed. The yarn is sourced from small family farms in the mountain communities of Kyrgyzstan.

If M&Ms are your favorite, try Chill (Sugar Bush).

Everyone loves M&M’s, even if we argue over which color is the tastiest. Just like the beloved M&M’s, you can’t go wrong with a merino wool. Chill by Sugar Bush is a super-bulky merino wool that makes amazingly squishy, and surprisingly light, garments and accessories.

Kit Kat
If Kit Kats are your favorite, try Reed (Shibui).

A little bit of crispness with a neat and clean exterior, Kit Kats and linen yarns go perfectly together. Shibui Knits Reed is soft and springy, consists of a smooth linen chainette, and blocks stunningly.

If gum is your favorite, try Soft (Red Heart).

Need something to satisfy that sweet tooth, but you’re trying to be good? Here comes gum to the rescue . . .  just like an inexpensive acrylic yarn! When you get that itch, the best way to satisfy the monster is with an easily found budget-friendly selection. Red Heart Soft comes in bold colors and sells for under $6 a skein.

If Twizzlers are your favorite, try SimpliCria (Hikoo).

As fun to look at as they are to eat, Twizzlers are a fan favorite—just like a great chainette yarn. SimpliCria from HiKoo (Skacel) is 100% baby soft alpaca that will wow you with its softness. The chainette structure helps plump this yarn up and avoid piling.

If Skittles are your favorite, try Pure Silk Lace (Madelinetosh).

Rainbow colors with tangy, summer flavors—Skittles are the best summer candy, just like a light silk yarn is perfect for summer garments and accessories. Madelinetosh offers their yarn bases in an incredible number of vibrant colors and amazing speckles. Their Pure Silk Lace is 100% mulberry silk that is ethically sourced from Switzerland and dyed by hand in Texas.

Dove Chocolate
If Dove Chocolates is your favorite, try Får (Woolfolk).

For a high-quality product with an amazing price, look no further than Dove chocolates and Woolfolk Får. Får is a stunning worsted-weight yarn that combines luxury with ethical and sustainable practices.

If Toblerone chocolates are your favorite, try Artisan Tui (Zealana).

Toblerone combines beloved favorites with a little pizzazz. Some people need a little nudge to try it out while others swear by it. Artisan Tui from Zealana combines some old favorites (merino and cashmere) with a fibre that turns most heads: brushtail possum!

Is your favorite candy missing from the list? What yarn would you pair it with? Let us know in the comments.

Happy knitting (and snacking),


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