Finally: A Gallery With Men In It!

Today, I am pleased to present to you: The Men of Interweave, wearing Kathy Zimmerman's Brick Pullover.

Aaron in his red carpet moment

It was much easier to get the guys to pose for gallery photos than I thought it would be. I had imagined having to promise free pizza; but Mark, T.J., Aaron, and Eric were actually a bit excited about being included. (Aaron kept talking about his moment of stardom and how it might lead to "bigger things." I felt badly about that—I mean, this is a knitting site. It's not like there are casting directors scanning our galleries for the next Harrison Ford. Sorry, Aaron. But if anyone knows Ryan Seacrest or Simon Cowell, could you please give them a ring on Aaron's behalf? Thanks.)

More men are knitting than ever before, and it's been pointed out to me that I tend to address only the women knitters, leaving the guy knitters feeling a bit slighted. So, men, this time, it's all you. Women, I know you want to knit for the guys in your life, so please change the pronouns as appropriate.

You men knitters have it easier in terms of getting your knits to fit. For one thing, you do not have to ever worry about inserting bust darts. (Big plus right there, as far as this busty gal is concerned.) You generally do not wear your clothing with negative ease, so again, you don't have to do things like waist shaping and tummy darts and all that.

However, for men-who-knit and those who knit-for-men, there are four things to watch for in terms of fit: overall ease, hem length, sleeve length, and shoulder width.

Ease: The more clothing you like to wear underneath, the more ease you will need, so ease preferences can vary from summer to winter. Guys, go into your closet and measure several of your favorite sweaters to get an idea of how much ease you prefer.

Hem and sleeve length: These are rather individual choices. My husband, who has extremely long arms, likes his sweater cuffs extra-long—to the base of his thumb, actually. So again, measure yourself, measure what's in your closet, and knit accordingly.

Shoulder width: If the sweater's shoulder width (across the back of the shoulders) is not wide enough, you will have trouble moving your arms comfortably. Again, get out that measuring tape and go explore your closet.

Everyone had a lot of fun with this Gallery; I hope you enjoy it, too!


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