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Inspiration from Spin-Off

I love calendars, especially wall calendars, and I spend a lot of time every year in the bookstore choosing something that will inspire me every day. It's a tough choice, too, because with wall calendars, you look at one photo for a whole month.

I've said before how lucky I am to have this job, and my luck knocked on the door last week in the form of the UPS gal, who handed me a package containing what will be my wall calendar for 2010. It's the new Spin-Off Calendar, and it's truly inspiring to someone who loves all things yarny. The photo at left is so beautiful, and that's just one of twelve!

(I can't believe we're coming up on 2010, though. It sounds so futuristic—I thought we'd all be flying around in spaceships by now!)

As I looked through my new calendar, I started thinking about my knitting and some of the projects that are in my queue. I thought it might be neat to plan my knitting for the year. I know some of this won't happen—we all have things that come up to disrupt our knitting plans (like cool new patterns we must knit now!)—but it was fun to look through my bookshelves and my Ravelry queue and schedule some projects.

A Year of Knitting, a.k.a. "Best Laid Plans"

Cabaret Raglan   Sculptured Lace Scarf   Soap Bubble Wrap Bacchus Socks  
Norah Gaughan   Kenny Chua   Connie Chang Chinchio   Alice Bell  

I've had the Cabaret Raglan in my queue almost as long as I've had my Ravelry account. I love the simplicity of the Cabaret—it's a raglan pullover, but the eyelets and two-stitch cable patterns really dress it up. I think I'll tackle this in January and February.

The Sculptured Lace Scarf is something that I can knit at the same time as the Cabaret Raglan, because I like to have more than one project on the needles. I love the tight lace and cable pattern in this design.

The Soap Bubble Wrap is knit from a flax yarn but I have a linen blend linen in my stash that will be perfect. This warm-weather beauty will be a good knit for the spring months. For my alternate project, it's got to be the Bacchus Socks. There's an option for knitting these without the bobbles on the foot portion, which I think I'll do so I can wear them comfortably with shoes. These socks are just beautiful. 

Tangled Yoke Cardigan   Harvey Kimono   Simply Marilyn  Side Slip Cloche  
Eunny Jang   Louisa Harding   Debbie Bliss    Laura Irwin  

I really like a cardigan, and the Tangled Yoke is a classic. At a gauge of six stitches to the inch, it's a nice, light cardigan that won't add bulk. I like the fabric that's produced when I knit on size 5 needles, and that's the needle size called for in this sweater. The cable pattern on the yoke draws the eye toward the face, too, which is a nice feature. This project will hit during the summer months, and while I don't like to knit with wool in the summer, I do like to have a new sweater to wear in the fall, so I'll have to deal with it, won't I?

My second summer project will be a Harvey Kimono. If you have a little one in your life, these darling kimonos couldn't be more perfect. They're so cute and they knit up fast. There's an option for a boy version or a girl version.

In September and October, I'm penciling in Simply Marilyn. This pullover is just that: simple. The big cable up the front and the cowl add a classic, cozy feel, and the larger gauge makes quick work of this sweater. It's so pretty in pink, too—or maybe I should do it in a soft blue since I already have two pink sweaters!

The second project for fall is the lovely Side Slip Cloche. There's a sample of this hat at my LYS and everyone who tries it on looks great—even me! It's a sophisticated hat that's fun to knit. My mom's been asking for one since she saw it on the cover of Boutique Knits last fall, so I'll put this on my holiday knitting list for October.

I'm not going to fill up my calendar for November and December, because I know there will be a bunch of last minute holiday knitting that I'll want to squeeze in. Plus, some of these projects will creep into later months, I'm sure.

So that's the plan, folks! Why don't you take a few minutes to put your projects on the calendar? It's really helped me set my knitting priorities, and I've had fun looking at the beautiful photos in my calendar, too.



P.S. Interweave has come out with three new calendars, so if you're a quilter or a papercrafter, there's something for you, too.

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