Feet on the Street: Slipper Weather

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There's a chill in the air as fall is upon us, and it's definitely time to pull out the warm socks (and sock knitting!) for this installment of Feet on the Street, two knitters shared the stories of their warm and wooly knitted slippers. Whatever your sock style, it's time to get knitting!

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"I have not had a lot of encounters with socks in my knitting career, but what I have done is fall in love with ballet-slipper-style socks.  Even before I could knit, short socks have been my favorite.  I came across a cute pattern in a magazine in knit them right away. Then I got an idea and designed a simple pair of ballet slipper socks out of bulky yarn; they are on Ravelry as the Keep It Simple Slippers. A few months later, I wore a hole in them and designed the Laced Up Tennis Slippers out of worsted weight yarn.  I am addicted to this style of sock, and can't wait to find the time to knit more.

—Anna S, (Webknitter13), Sacramento, CA


Keep It Simple Slippers Laced Up Tennis Slippers

     Anna loves variegated and kettle-dyed yarns, so we sent her this lovely skein of Miss Babs "Yummy" Monochrome Sport & Sock 3 ply (100% Superwash Merino) along with a Nancy's Knit Knacks DP WIP Tube to keep her stitches safe on her next pair of slippers!



"As knitters, we sometimes come across a particular yarn that makes us say "ohmygoodness." For me, that's Malabrigo Rasta. I first saw it at my LYS, with a hot Christmas gift certificate in my hand, courtesy of The Hubs.

"I try not to buy yarn unless I have a specific pattern in mind. (Although if that we're always true, I wouldn't have the stash I have today.) But I had to have this yarn in the Piedras colorway . . . even just to bring it home to pet it, which I did for months.

"Then summer in New England came, and that's when I got the bright idea to knit wool socks. Yeah, it doesn't make any more sense writing it, than it did when I was actually knitting them. [Editor's note: Makes perfect sense to us!]

"I did the obligatory Google search for a one-skein Malabrigo sock pattern. And then I knit. And frogged. (Who knew I had wider feet than the pattern called for? 10 extra stitches should be enough. And-I-hope-this-will-still-be-a-one-skein-project!). And knit in every air-conditioned venue I could: In waiting rooms, while my kids were in summer theater camp. On the train into Boston for some destination that I can't now recall. Throughout our family vacation in Pennsylvania Dutch country. And it was in a Lancaster, PA motel room that I finished. And like any good knitter, I arranged my creation on the motel bedspread and took a photo-just in case some tragedy befell my socks before we made it home, so I could prove they were made. And then I wore them that night, in that super-air-conditioned room. And the exclamation: ohmygoodness.

"When I refer to these socks, my family will usually hear: Can you get my slipper socks? But inside, each and every time I put them on, my brain flips the ohmygoodness switch. And I just wish it were a little cooler this New England Fall to wear them more often." 

-Kym M., Auburn, MA


     We're sending Kym some new "ohmygoodness" yarn from the Sockupied stash: self-striping Biscotte & Cie Felix in colorway chaudron baveur, which we reviewed in the Summer 2013 issue of Sockupied. For her next travel adventure, we're also including a Sock Satchel travel case from Knit Happy reviewed in the same issue.


 If these stories inspire you to pick up the needles and start your own toasty slippers, you might like the River Slippers by Kyoko Nakayoshi or super-cozy Manitoba Slippers by Amy Polcyn.

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