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Socks and Their Stories

In this installment of our occasional series "Feet on the Street," two knitters tell you about their favorite sock designs and whom they like to knit for. We sent each of them a special skein of yarn from our Sockupied stash with our thanks for their words. If you'd like to share your sock story—and maybe receive some lovely sock yarn from our goodie bag—send your Feet on the Street submissions to the editors at [email protected] Find complete details here. 

Anna encounters a common challenge and ultimately triumphs when knitting a pair of socks as a gift for her mother. 

"For this project, yarn shopping, pattern searching, and attention to detail were all the more important-after all, didn't my mom deserve a nice pair of socks after raising me for the past 19 years? I settled on the pattern "So Simple Silk Garden" by Glenna C., along with Knit Picks' Imagination Hand Painted Sock Yarn in "Castle Walls." I churned out the first sock, but I soon grew tired of the second and moved to other projects. As time passed, I rushed back to the socks I'd forgotten, until the inevitable happened. My gauge changed! I had to rip out the second sock and change to larger needles. Even though it still turned out a bit different than the first, it was all worth it seeing my mom's surprise of receiving socks that I had made-and the joy each time she wears them!

-Anna S., Cambridge, MN

Cathy knits socks, teaches aspiring sock knitters, and builds a knitting community in the process.


"The Monkey sock pattern by Cookie A is my favorite pattern of all time. The pattern is super easy to memorize, and not too challenging for a beginning knitter. This is important because I have taught several people to knit socks.  A few years ago, I taught two of my neighbors and one of my fellow mom friends how to knit socks. That weekly gathering has turned into a group of almost 53 women who meet at our local library every Friday to share our love of knitting. Monkeys are special to me because they help me plant the seed of a love of knitting-especially socks, which happen to be my favorite thing to knit!"

-Cathy H.,  Alexandria, VA


I'm off to add these two patterns to my knitting queue. Enjoy!


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