February Horoscopes: Follow Your Crafty Heart

It’s time for the February horoscope, knitters! Listen to the stars and reach for them to find out where your creative, crafty heart should go this month. Let the cosmos inspire you to create something new or chase your dreams into reality. Find your zodiac below to find your knitting horoscope.


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You’ll need to focus on positive energy this month. Toxic attitudes might invade your space, but it will prove important to avoid negativity at all costs.

The Bolt Tee from knit.wear Spring/Summer 2014 is a lively pattern that’s sure to chase all the negativity away.


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Time to think outside the box, Pisces. Open your mind to new ideas, and pay close attention to your dreams. Inspiration can strike from anywhere.

Keep track of all of your ideas by writing them down. Journaling can be a great way to keep creativity flowing.


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Rely on your circle this month, Aries. You will find much support and encouragement from your friends. Be careful not to lose sight of your individuality, though.

Try knitting the same pattern with a group of people but adding flair to make it your own!


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It’s especially important to manage your stress this month. Work will require more energy from you, but it will be worth it as long as you don’t overdo it.

To help yourself stay calm, try any cozy hygge-inspired pattern from knitscene Winter 2017.


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Your creativity will soar this month, Gemini. Those around you will pay close attention to your thoughts and ideas.

It might be a good time to channel that creative energy into designing projects of your own. Try Kate Atherley’s Pattern Writing for Knitters course.


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A competitive spirit flows through you now more than ever. Chase your goals, but do so independently without taking favors from others.

Now is a good time to take on a more difficult project that challenges your skill.


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You will find yourself able to see deep into the hearts of those around you this month, Leo. Take this opportunity to give.

You might want to spend some time knitting gifts for others. The Parallelogram Hat from Interweave Knits Holiday 2017 is a great gift for anyone who likes to wear stylish beanies.


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This month will be all about health and fitness, Virgo. You will gain new insights into your well-being.

Take some time to focus in on your mental health with Quick + Easy Knits. The simple yet elegant projects are sure to calm.


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Make this month about treating yourself, Libra. It’s a great time to focus on relaxation and leisure.

Whip up the super cozy Flette Blanket from knitscene Winter 2017 to reach maximum levels of comfort.


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Your space needs a revival. Switch up your furniture or add some new decorations to make your home or work area lively and energetic.

Quick + Easy Knits is full of pillow, blanket, and wall-hanging projects to brighten up any space.


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Relationships with family members will require your attention this month, Sagittarius. Hold on to strong connections.

Now might be the right time to teach a family member your craft or learn a craft from them.


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It’s all about the finances this month. Savings will bring you happiness, Capricorn, so be careful to avoid impulsive behavior.

The Olympia Headband from Interweave Knits Summer 2015 is a cute, functional project that doesn’t use much yarn.

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