Fearlessly Inspiring Stories–From YOU!

I just finished reading the 406 comments that you left on the last post of 2008, in which you answered the question "How were you a fearless knitter in 2008?"

I love you people. I love you because your comments were so amazing that even though I thought I was going to just skim them (there were over 400 of them, after all), I did no such thing. I read every single word of every single one.

And you are all my heroes.

I know not everyone has the time to read 406 comments, and I wanted you all to have the chance to be inspired by your fellow Knitting Daily folks, so here are just a few, a very few, of the wonderful ways in which you were ALL fearless knitters last year.

ChelseaN: "I'm really proud of myself, because this year I went up and beyond what I've ever done, by making a huge coat out of a whole sheep fleece I washed, carded, spun, and crocheted. Now, it had it's problems, but it's the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on, and it's a treasure in my wardrobe."

LauraK: "I've set out to try learn at least one new thing about knitting (or crocheting) a month. It is rewarding."

Astrid: "I finally had the courage to enter something in a fair. I entered five items in the Blue Hill, Maine Fair. AND, with the most amazing beginner's luck, I won five blue ribbons!!!"

NiferR: "I started knitting this year!! My first project was a pair of socks. Then I ventured to an entralec sweater. It took 1st at the county fair."

LauraM: "I became a fearless CROCHETER!"

AnneN: "Fearless Frogging. When I have a sneaking suspicion things are not going right, but I don't want to frog all that work (all those hours!), I'm learning to Fear Not the Frogging and just do it. I'm always happier afterwards."

And finally, a few very special people whose stories remind us that knitting is sometimes far more than just a craft…it is a way to find hope and strength in the darkness:

Marilyn1423: "2007 was a year of adjustment for me. In January 2007 I lost my left eye to cancer. By January of 2008 I was feeling very, very blue. I felt that my life had become more and more limited because of the vision problems. I had not knit anything in years, but in January 2008 I finally worked up the courage to pick up some needles and see if I could actually knit again. Here it is a year later, and I have actually started and finished 22 knitted projects. Am I a fearless knitter? Yes! Yes! Yes! My mental and emotional outlook is so much better today than it was a year ago. I have lots of projects planned for 2009."

SusanP: "Hi, my friend Jon and I took fearless knitting to the next level when we walked 26 miles of The Playtex Moonwalk, in aid of breast cancer, whilst wearing embellished bras and knitting socks!"

KarenR: "I started the year tackling fingerless gloves. I thought I would move on to mittens and then socks. Never got there. I developed cancer and worked on a wedding afghan for my son during chemo. I finished it just after finishing the chemo and gave it to them only a short time after surgery at their wedding. For me I conquered the fear of not surviving long enough to finish it and I'm still alive."

So, what's ahead for 2009? Let's hear what you had to say:

Kathi: "I'm excited, because now, I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!"

KHS: "Biggest surprise? The great community of knitters on the internet. Truly a joy."

Hobobird: "Knitting Daily had created a fiber monster in me. A good one indeed."

Joy: "So the goal for 2009? Finish my projects and continue to learn new things!! Happy New Year to all!! And happy knitting!"

Happy Knitting to all, indeed.

Thank you all for inspiring ME, and I'm honored to be able to share in your crafty lives on Knitting Daily every day.

— Sandi

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New Free Pattern: Baby's First Socks

After the huge response that the Old World Booties got this week, I kind of got the idea that you folks like to knit baby booties. And while I don't have another pattern for knitted baby booties handy, I do have a pattern for a very special pair of baby socks: Baby's First Socks by Ann Budd. Aren't they cute? Plus, the pattern's free. (You're welcome.)





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