Fearless Steeking, Mangled Speaking, and an Awesome Blooper Reel

Kyle Kunnecke has been getting a lot of attention here at Interweave over the last few months. We love his courses on colorwork knitting, and we love his colorwork projects, as seen in his most recent knit cowl pattern. We recently released his Fearless Steekingknitting course, and within minutes I was inundated with colleagues requesting the adorable steeked bag pattern that accompanies the course.

steeking knitting with Kyle Kunnecke

Admit it: you want to make this NOW.

Now while the course proves that there is nothing to fear from knitting steeks, being in front of a video camera for 4 grueling days is another matter. Soft-spoken, kind, and extremely talented, Kyle is also a real trouper. During those 4 days this spring, he worked with the video team and myself to tape several online courses (including Fearless Steeking) and did a fantastic job.

Sometimes though, mistakes are inevitable, no matter how gifted the instructor or how brilliant the video team. While we normally keep verbal flubs and miscues far, far away from our audience, there are times when we come clean, own up, and throw the instructor under the bus if we think it will get a laugh.

With Kyle’s permission, we’re bringing you the blooper reel from that shoot. Get a peek at what really happens behind the scenes—and see how Kyle keeps his cool take after take. Once you’re done laughing, be sure to check out Fearless Steeking itself. It’s a great course that explains not only how to cut up your knitting, but also why you’d want to do that in the first place. And the only bloopers are what you are about to see below.

I’m Kyle Kunnecke, and I approve this message.

Do you want to meet Kyle in person? He’s leading one of our fabulous Interweave Escapes knitting retreats October 27-30 on Galiano Island, British Columbia. Join him at the stunning Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa for a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive knitting getaway featuring gourmet meals, knitting workshops, and more.

Happy watching!

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