Favorite TV Moments from the Knitting Daily TV Cast and Crew

Knitting Needle BagToday, we continue our behind-the-scenes look at last week’s Season 2 tapings of Knitting Daily TV with more from Jaime Guthals:

One of the best parts of my job as segment producer is finding your versions of some of our most popular patterns and coordinating their 15 minutes of fame on the show. These are our “You Made It” segments, and this season we featured projects by readers from Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochet, Spin-Off, Handwoven, and books like Bag Style. We ooh and ahh when we open your packages–just like we do with the ones from the designers. It really is rewarding to see your versions of their patterns, and we’re always impressed with your creative twists and modifications.

What were the hosts’ favorite moments?
As we were packing up the green room to go our separate ways home to Baltimore (Eunny), Detroit (Shay), Loveland, Colorado (Liz), and Vancouver, Canada (Kim), I asked each of them to tell you in their own words.

Eunny Jang: I think my favorite moment was meeting and getting to work with one of my knitting icons, Nancy Bush, author of Knitted Lace of Estonia and several other lace and sock books. When she walked into the green room, unpacked her suitcase, and started casually pulling out beautiful Estonian lace shawl after lace shawl, I was rendered pretty much speechless.

Shay Pendray: One of the highlights of my week was hosting the “finding the perfect pattern for your body type” segment with my co-hosts and the shows’ producers as models. They’re all so comfortable in their own skin, yet they have very different shapes. These types of segments show the viewer that the hosts have personality—and that we’re real people with the same problems trying to choose knitwear patterns for ourselves. It shows audiences that we’re one of them, and when generating content we really do think about what the knitter at home wants to see.

Liz Gipson: I had the opportunity to spend some time with TNNA’s Helping Hands Foundation intergenerational cross stitch group (grandmothers and granddaughters). I asked one of the girls, “What is it like being taught by your grandmother?” She replied that it was great, because unlike school if she did something wrong she didn’t get detention. You gotta love teenagers.

Kim Werker: I loved hanging out and talking with Annie Modesitt in the green room the day she did her taping. When it came time for me to run through my segment on hand-painted yarns, Annie jumped in with such a killer answer that we asked her to do the segment with me. As a bonus, I learned Annie’s nifty way to winding by hand yarn from a hank to create a center-pull ball that’s neat and lovely.

Have you watched the Knitting Daily TV DVDs from Season 1 or caught the program on your local PBS station? If you haven’t looked at the schedule of air dates and times lately, be sure to check out all the new cities that are now airing the program. Most recently the show started airing in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco—yeah! We owe a special thanks to all the fiber fans in those cities that contacted their station requesting the program.

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What has been your favorite moment, or technique tutorial, of the first season? Leave a comment and let us know!

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