What’s Your Favorite Interweave Issue?

Things move so quickly at the Interweave office that we rarely have time to stop and appreciate the array of magazine issues we’ve published over the span of a year. It’s nice to stop from time to time and look back at older collections and remember what made them so special and knittable. We asked a few people what their favorite issues were from the year 2017, and it was a lovely exercise in reminiscing and appreciation.

Krista Ann, Designer & Interweave Contributor


knit.wear Fall/Winter 2017. Photography by Harper Point Photography.

I’ll be honest—I usually like my yarn in two shades—bright and brighter. But sometimes my eyes need a break from the rainbow and I find myself drawn to neutrals. The Fall/Winter 2017 issue of knit.wear was exactly the color break my eyes needed. So many gorgeous neutrals with cables and intricate stitches filled this issue. This is where the art of knitting really shows. Sometimes I need to be reminded that the yarn shouldn’t do all the work. When you strip away the colors, you are left with raw and beautiful naturals. The knitter can dig into a project that lets the stitches be the star of the show and the yarn is the supporting actor.

Find Krista online at www.knitsyknits.com.

Hannah Baker, Editor, Interweave Knits


knit.wear Spring/Summer 2017. Photography by Harper Point Photography.

Knit.wear has long been a favorite publication of mine. In the Spring/Summer 2017 issue, just as in all the other issues, these are the types of projects I love to knit most. The projects are visually simple and wearable, generally in one color (or very few), and a mix of mindless knitting (miles of stockinette) with some points of interest (a small bit of lace or unusual construction).

Jenn Rein, Online Content Manager


Interweave Knits Summer 2017. Photography by Harper Point Photoraphy.

Shouting out our knitting magazine releases from 2017 led me straight to the Interweave Knits Summer issue for that year. This is our Shakespeare issue. The concept appeals to the lit major in me, and the aesthetic is absolutely on point. Romance sings through these projects and pages.

But my favorite element of this issue has to be the poetry that was written to emulate the Bard’s style, in this instance for Hermia’s Shawl:

True love may from one glowing ember spring
Twisting like fibers into strength so pure
A dance both elegant and spirited
Sweet balance manifests from needles’ tips

Knitting needles have never sounded quite so dreamy, or been depicted with such deep Elizabethan conviction. You should purchase a copy just for the joy of looking at it.

What’s your favorite Interweave issue of all time? What’s your favorite 2017 Interweave issue?

Happy reminiscing,
Interweave Knitting Team

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