Pick Your Favorite AlterKnit Pattern and We’ll Tell You What Plans to Make for Valentine’s Day

Something is in the air at the Interweave office. Maybe it’s the smell of love, or perhaps it’s the aroma of freshly unwrapped yarn (eh let’s be honest, same thing,) either way Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

In the spirit of the season, we’ve decided to don our imaginary and completely work-appropriate cupid outfits to become your Valentine’s Day guides. So if you’re still wondering how to spend the holiday, click on your favorite swatch from AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary below for our suggestion for your perfect Valentine’s Day.

1. It's all about love.

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Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, and not just for your significant other, but to everyone, you care for. Throw love and kindness around today like it’s fricken’ confetti. Just don’t throw actual confetti at people, they probably won’t love that.

2. I'd rather avoid it.

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If Valentine’s day makes you feel…well, erm…a little like this pig, then I suggest avoiding the day all together if you can. Stay in for the night and treat that sense of humor of yours by renting a good comedy movie. (Affiliate link)

3. Make it classy!

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Embrace the over the top indulgence of Valentine’s Day by planning an elaborate evening fit for a Fabio novel…or just spring for the $15 bottle of wine instead of the boxed variety. Either way: make sure to treat yourself!

4. Always a little different.

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If you’re an extraterrestrial from another planet trying to blend in with humans, you’ve failed the test, pretend you picked the Hearts motif instead. If you’re not, spend the day with your favorite human, and stay away from beams of light.

5. Heart's true desire.

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Let’s be real here, there’s only one right way to spend Valentine’s Day and that’s with our truest of loves: knitting. If you MUST share the day with someone else I suggest sneaking in a few rows here and there. I promise I won’t tell!

Happy Valentine’s Day,
Hayley DeBerard, Editorial Coordinator, Interweave Books

Featured Image: © F+W Media, Inc. by George Boe. Front Images: © F+W Media, Inc. by George Boe. Back Images: Pixabay.

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