Your Favorite 2018 knit.wear and Wool Studio Patterns

I love all the end-of-year lists that pop up this time of year. It’s so fun to look back at the year and remember all the things that happened and all the things that I loved (and all the things I wasn’t so crazy about . . .). I often find that I’ve completely forgotten things from earlier in the year, so these lists are a nice refresher!

Because I’m such an end-of-year-list lover, I enthusiastically volunteered to write up a blog about our most popular knit.wear and Wool Studio knitting patterns from 2018. I browsed around Ravelry to see what you all loved most this year from these special publications, and it was great to look back at these issues and remember all the fantastic patterns they contained. Read on to see what you were digging in 2018!

knit.wear Spring/Summer: Moonflower Dolman

Far and away the most popular pattern from knit.wear Spring/Summer is the Moonflower Dolman, with 1,230 favorites. Designer Kiri FitzGerald’s gorgeous sweater alternates lace and stockinette-stitch sections for a lovely and unexpected look—I can see why you all love it! This is a lovely statement piece you can wear to special occasions, but I think it’s also great for pulling on over jeans and a tee for a casual-yet-sophisticated look while you’re running your weekend errands.

Wool Studio Vol. IV: Murray Pullover

The speckled, simple Murray Pullover has 786 favorites and is your #1 from Wool Studio Vol. IV. Two hand-dyed colorways from Ancient Arts Fiber Crafts combine to create a lovely fabric with great drape and a very on-trend gradient effect. The openwork mesh stitch keeps the sweater breathable, so it’s great for multi-season wear: try it this winter over a long-sleeve shirt or dress, then throw it on over a tee or tank in the spring!

knit.wear Fall/Winter: Shifting Squares Pullover

With 590 favorites, the unique Shifting Squares Pullover by Mary Anne Benedetto is your top pick from knit.wear Fall/Winter (it’s one of my favorites, too). The open cables, separated by stockinette-stitch squares, contain a textured stitch that’s repeated in horizontal bands around the sweater. It’s such a cool, subtle effect on this modern and sophisticated piece.

Wool Studio 101: Cambridge Jacket

This well-loved design from Interweave Knits Summer 2006 was reinterpreted for Wool Studio 101, and the new version is just as popular as the original! Ann Budd’s versatile unisex cardigan has a whopping 2,793 favorites on Ravelry, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a relatively simple knit with thoughtful finishing details and fun knitterly details that keep things interesting. This easygoing piece looks great on everyone and is certain to become a wardrobe staple.

Wool Studio Vol. V: Arcetri Pullover

Our newest Wool Studio is quickly gaining favorites—particularly this lovely sweater from Jennifer Wood, which has 290 hearts so far. It uses positive and negative space in an interesting cable pattern to create a sense of darkness and light within the fabric. The tunic length is perfect for wearing over casual jeans or leggings; the visually arresting pattern and soft and sleek yarn will keep your look polished.

Looking back at all these patterns reminded me of just how many amazing projects we released this year. I encourage you to peruse your back issues (or Ravelry) for a little walk down memory lane, then pick your favorite and start stitching.

Happy reminiscing!

(All photos by Harper Point Photography)

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