WIIFM Gift Guide: addi Knitting Needles, Turbo Rocket Set

Many people approach gift-giving season with admirable intentions. We want to give things that our loved ones will truly appreciate, and we want to receive the things we really want. Typically, these goals create an air of mystery: as a giver, you’re trying to hunt down the perfect present. As a receiver, you’re trying to leave obvious clues.

Maybe you’ve circled the gift you want in a paper catalog and oh-so-casually left it in an obvious place, like someone’s dinner plate or the toilet lid. Or you’ve created a wishlist on your favorite website, then “accidentally” emailed the link to all your friends and family.

Yes, these tactics can work, but they can also backfire spectacularly when folks can’t take a hint. I say, no more hinting! If we’re going to manipulate each other, let’s do it out in the open and address the gifting situation head-on. Make your needs known via a short WIIFM analysis and demand the same from family and friends. Let me illustrate the concept with the addi® Turbo Rockets needle set, a gift that many knitters would love. Non-knitters may not understand that your knitting faster works for them too.

WIFFM: What Does it Stand For?

WIFFM is “What’s in it for me?”, offering a clear, direct, and unmysterious explanation for givers and receivers alike. Here’s my WIFFM analysis for these addi® knitting needles. Share it with your loved ones or rationalize some retail therapy for yourself—all without dropping subtle clues that people are likely to miss.

addi knitting needles

Who wouldn’t find a rational list like this compelling? It’s short, clear, and coded with helpful emojis. Train your kids now, and as they grow up, it will be easier to buy gifts for them.

Get your sweeties on board with WIFFM analyses TODAY, and everybody wins!

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