Fall Knitting Patterns: Fantastic!

Cardigans are perfect fall knitting patterns.

Georgia Cardigan

A note from Kathleen: Well here we are on July 4th. Happy Independence Day, everyone! On this summer holiday I’m going to cool you down a little bit with a taste of fall—knitscene fall is here with its gorgeous fall knitting patterns.

Hannah Baker is visiting Knitting Daily today to talk about this new issue, her first as editor of knitscene.

This is Hannah Baker’s first issue as editor, and boy has she done a wonderful job! There are several gorgeous fall knitting patterns that I think might climb their way to the top of my queue, including the lovely, drapey Georgia Cardigan, shown at left, and a really cool creamy-white pullover, the Sumi Sweater shown below, with contrasting gray cables running down both arms. Yes, please!

Let’s let Hannah give is a peek into fall.

The Nostalgia of Fall

I grew up in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas, otherwise known as the part of the state that isn’t flatter than a pancake. I’d fail as a human if I didn’t also mention that I lived in Manhattan, Kansas, which is delightfully nicknamed “The Little Apple.” Summertime in The Little Apple is always very pretty, but unbearably humid. Fall, however—fall in eastern Kansas is perfect.

Fall is my favorite season. It’s so absolutely nostalgic. Some of my strongest memories exist vividly in the autumn months in my mind: rehearsals leading up to the annual fall semester musical, sitting on Bluemont Hill and looking out over my town, and listening to Sufjan Stevens for the first time while surrounded by the golden fallen leaves of City Park with my best friend. A feeling of comfort always accompanies late September and October, with a touch of sadness, as the change in surroundings reminds me of all the years before. This nostalgic overload always sends me back to the needles after a typical summer of reading and outdoor activities that took priority over knitting.

knitscene handmade features fresh knitting projects for creative people, that speak to the maker in all of us. You'll love it!

Beatrice Perron Dahlen’ gorgeous collection. Clockwise from top left: Suzuri Hat, Hanshi Wrap, Fude Tee, Sumi Sweater

With all that said about how much I love this season, I’m pleased to present the beautiful fall knitting patterns in this Fall 2016 issue of knitscene. The Aloft story is filled with designs using various slip-stitch patterns, and Going Solo is all about singles yarn, showcasing its versatility and paying tribute to inspiring women of past and present via the project titles.

The designer collection was created by Beatrice Perron Dahlen, and is accompanied by an examination of her work by knitwear designer Bristol Ivy. Bristol tells us about Beatrice’s inspiration for the clean lines and minimalism in her designs.

Bring some color into your life with these eye-catching fall knitting patterns!

A bit of color! Clockwise from top left: Firmament Sweater, Maya Hat, Carson Sweater, Ruby’s Scarf

If you want to learn more about how slip stitches work before you begin one of those projects, see the excerpt from the wonderful book The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting by Faina Goberstein and Simona Merchant-Dest (Interweave, 2015).

If you are keen on learning about different cast-ons, check out Pattern Play by Kate Atherley, and for the use of decreases in garments explained, head on over to Sarah Solomon’s decreasing article.

From socks to skirts to sweaters, weve got fall knitting patterns you'll love!

So much great fall knitting! Clockwise from top left: Troposphere Sweater, Caelum Cowl, Perigee Socks, Aerial Skirt, Alice Hoodie, Barton Cowl

Enjoy this fall with me—get your copy of knitscene fall 2016, and let’s get knitting.


P.S. Are you knitting for fall yet? Leave a comment below and tell us what’s on your needles!







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