Ravelry Top 5: Fall’s Best Knitting Patterns

Can we please agree that our collective obsession with knitted cables will never end so we can continue drooling over magazines like Interweave Knits Fall 2018: the cables issue? Featuring two equally gorgeous stories, Cape Cod and Harvard Square, this issue will take you from hallowed halls to a relaxing getaway. And though I found my favorite piece early on, I love to discover the fall knitting patterns that you are favoriting while surfing Ravelry.

*Please Note: all “Ravelry Favorites” reflect accurate numbers at the time this post was written and may fluctuate slightly by the publish date.

fall knitting patterns

1. Massachusetts Ave Pullover by Hanna Maciejewska

Ravelry Favorites: 507
This bold cable and textured pullover stole the show with an easy first place finish, thanks to the unique cable panel and the vibrant and defined, Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok.

fall knitting patterns

2. Prescott Pullover by Linda Marveng

Ravelry Favorites: 477
Leave it to Linda Marveng to create a jaw-droppingly luxurious cabled piece for this issue: thank you Linda! Join Linda’s KAL on Ravelry to win cool prizes and find a fun group to knit this pullover with.

3. Classic Gansey Cardigan by Beth Brown-Reinsel

Ravelry Favorites: 473
Sometimes a magical thing happens and a beloved book like Knitting Ganseys gets revised and updated for a new generation of knitters. But what was even more exciting for the Interweave Knits team was that they had an extra, beautiful gansey pattern for us to show off in our fall issue! All of Beth’s gansey patterns bring some much-loved history to a chic new sweater. I’m struggling to pick which one to cast-on first.

fall knitting patterns

4. Mt. Auburn Cardigan by Irina Anikeeva

Ravelry Favorites: 305
Three cheers for unisex cardigans! The Mt. Auburn Cardigan envelops you in cable and tweedy goodness—creating a timeless cardigan you’ll try to wear throughout the year.

fall knitting patterns

5. Follins Pond Pullover by Moira Engel

Ravelry Favorites: 299
Just when you think everything’s been done designers like Moira reinvent a classic. And I am so here for innovative cables! The casual fit makes this rollover perfect for layering, creating a season-spanning masterpiece for your wardrobe.

Which project from Interweave Knits Fall 2018 is your favorite? Tag a friend if a project from our top 5 is right up their alley!

All photos by Harper Point Photography. (Aren’t you dying of curiosity to see if anything else has risen to the top? Go look, already!)

Find the first of your fall knitting projects with ease!

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