Step Up Your Fall Style with Great Scarf Knitting Patterns

You probably already know this, but the calendar says September has arrived. I’m having trouble adjusting to this fact because in my mind, September = autumn and … autumn is not here, people. This week has been in the mid-90°s. I know it will cool off later this month, but this is small comfort when I want autumn (and we just wrapped up Knitscene Winter—look for that preview later this month!).

There are never enough scarf knitting patterns. Here's the Embassy Scarf from Scarf Style 2 from Interweave.

Embassy Scarf by Amy Polcyn

I think I’m usually in the minority, but I LOVE FALL AND WINTER. I get a little manic when the temperature starts to drop. Summer makes me feel super lethargic and just generally gross, so bring on the cooler temps and I am outside all the time. As a knitter, this time of year is especially rewarding, as I can finally break out all the knitted cardigans and sweaters I worked on over the summer (well, in theory) and comfortably wear them.

I have a great love of scarves, too—knitted scarves, crocheted scarves, the occasional store-bought scarf—and I love wearing them. Scarf knitting patterns are great ways to learn new techniques, no matter your knitting experience level. Totally new to scarves? Pick an easy pattern, such as Amy Polcyn’s Embassy Scarf—garter stitch and large eyelets are super simple (and great for on-the-go knitting).

Looking for a challenge? Try Eunny Jang’s Blooming Cotton Scarf—this beautiful free scarf pattern utilizes steeking to speed up the knitting while simultaneously creating fringe. (It’s also part of our Knitting Scarves for All Seasons eBook. Seven free scarf patterns, not a bad deal!) I’ve got a knitted scarf on the needles that requires double-knitting colorwork, which I’d never done before, and it’s kind of addictive (which is a good thing, because this is a long scarf with a bunch of charts).

Interweave also just released Scarf Style 2, the follow up to our awesome scarf style. Featuring some of our favorite designers of today—the cowl on the cover was designed by frequent Knitscene designer, Alexis Winslow—this collection of 26 scarf knitting patterns for scarves, cowls, and shawls will keep you busy for months, at least. Right now you can nab a copy of the book AND get a free download of the eBook!

Get 25 scarf knitting patterns in Scarf Style 2!Scarves also make fantastic gifts; when I first learned to knit, I made a lot of scarves and gave away most of them to my friends who lived in cooler climates. These days I have an “over the door” organizer (you know, those things that are intended to hold shoes) FULL of knitted scarves and shawls (and a good handful of scarves in a storage bin in my coat closet—I told you I like scarves).

Until I can wear scarves without suffering heat exhaustion, I’ll just daydream of orange leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything, and cozy scarf knitting patterns.

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