Fake Tweed Scarf

The idea for this came from a picture on Pinterest. Because the stitches overlap into each other's rows the colour combinations of the knitted fabric evolve and change as you knit and no two areas of the scarf are exactly the same. I’ve knitted several of them in different colour combinations and each is unique.

The hardest part of the design process was remembering how I’d made it and then describing it clearly so other knitters would understand.

The most valuable lesson I learnt is to note down, as I’m doing it, how I am worked out the pattern. Every time I knit this I have to work it out again.


Red Heart’s Heart and Sole Colour A Green Envy and Colour B Faded Jeans 213 yards each

US size 3 or 3.25mm

Removable stitch marker for keeping track of the right side

Tapestry needle and scissors for finishing

You can get the pattern for this knitted scarf by clicking the download now button above.

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