Fair Isle Mitts: Knit-a-Long Wrap Up and a Finishing Party

I can't believe our second KAL (knit-a-long) is already over. I'm reinforcing my "tradition" of not being able to knit to my own schedule—I have one mitt done except the thumb, and the other is about halfway done—but you all are speedy, on-time knitters, and here are your finished, beautiful mitts! There are different colorways to show off, too. I love seeing all of the different colors and yarns used. Great job, Ladies!

 Shycat's Mitts  ManyCrafts's Mitts  Mardi's first pair of mitts

 Pam's Mitt

 Kathleen's lonely, single mitt    Mardi's Mitts, Part Deux

We'll be voting on our next KAL on January 4—leave me a comment and tell me which Interweave pattern you'd like to knit next. I'm leaning toward the Heather Hoodie Vest from the Fall 2009 issue of Knitscene.

A Fun Finish

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a finishing party at A Grand Yarn. It was so fun!

I set up a steaming station, we had some raffle prizes, and we enjoyed wine and cheese and frosted Christmas cookies. There were eight of us, all working on various stages of finishing items for gifts or for ourselves. It was at this party that I almost finished my first Fresco Fair Isle Mitt (Karen is holding it up in the photo below). I just have to finish that pesky thumb, and, oh, yeah—the other mitt. 

It was fun to see all of the gifts people are making, and a few folks were finishing things for themselves, too. Why not? We all deserve a special knitted garment or accessory.

Mimi worked on finishing a baby blanket for her nephew (this is the blanket with the garter point edging—I'll post a photo when it's done). Audrey worked on her Central Park Hoodie (she added pockets, which I think I'll do, too). Terry worked on a beautiful soy-silk sweater. Dinah finished up a couple of mitten-hat sets knit from the new polar fleece yarn.

Soucia finished a sweater, which we left to rest overnight on the steam table. Deborah worked on finishing a sweater that's been in the UFO pile for several years (yay, Deborah!). And Karen worked on a shawl she's knitting as part of the shop knit-a-long. It was really a great way to spend a Friday. The party was planned from 6 to 10, but at 10:30 we were still knitting!

I'm thinking of hosting a "Knitting in the New Year Party," too. I'll bring all of my old Interweave magazines (or maybe I'll just bring my laptop with my Knits Compilation CDs!) and we can all look throught them and choose a pattern that we'll start in January. No finishing deadline, though, so maybe some of us will be working on these items at our 2010 finishing party!

Happy Holidays!

My friend Molly's Facebook status recently said, "Pulled off a Hanukkah dinner for 20. Gotta love a potluck!" Hear, hear!

And the potluck embodies the holidays at their best: friends and family sharing their favorite things with each other. We'll have a full house this Christmas with Henry and his parents in town, and that means lots of family gatherings (and potlucks!). 

Knitting Daily will be taking a break on Christmas but I will definitely be knitting; leave me a comment about  your knitting adventures over the holidays, and have a wonderful time!



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