Fair Isle Knitting

Skill Level: Easy Easy

Knitting in Fair Isle involves working two or more colors on one row of a pattern. It isn’t much more complicated than knitting or purling in one color, but it can produce some really stellar fabrics. basically, you’lll work a few stitches in one color, then the next few in a second  color–both balls of yarn always staying attached to the work. The color that isn’t being worked is carried across the back of the knitting, making a snug loop, a “float,” before being worked again.  Floats add thickness and warmth to a garment, as they essentially add an inside lining to the sweater. Most Fair Isle patterns only call for two colors in any given row.

This tutorial walks you step-by-step through a practice swatch, teaching you how to handle more than one color (and more than one yarn ball!), as well as how to read a colorwork chart. Included are tips and tricks!

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