Fabulous Fair Isle

Motifs 187, 132, and 133, from 200 Fair Isle Motifs

Fair Isle knitting is so rewarding. It's the type of knitting that really gives me "one-more-row" syndrome because I want to see what comes next, and what comes after that, and then what? I've knitted on Fair Isle projects into the wee hours more than once.

I'm toying with knitting Christmas stockings this year (I think I can get at least one done!). My plan is to knit a big, plain, toe-up sock and finish it with a beautiful Fair Isle cuff.

I was looking through Mary Jane Mucklestone's new book 200 Fair Isle Motifs, and I think I found my Christmas cuff.

Motif number 187 from 200 Fair Isle Motifs

I can imaging this snowflake motif in blues, whites and silvers; maybe even some white angora yarn for the snowflakes! I love a snowflake theme; in fact I usually handcraft my Christmas cards in that motif—there are some really beautiful papercrafting ideas for the snowflake theme. But back to the stockings . . .

The plan is that each member of my family will someday have a handknit Christmas stocking. I could do the snowflake in different colorways for each person, or maybe I'll find a couple more motifs. Hold on, I'll be right back.

Motif 200 from 200 Fair Isle Motifs

What do you think of this one? I love it. It's the 200th motif in a book of 200 motifs—save the best for last, maybe? Motif 200 would be beautiful in traditional Christmas colors, don't you think?

You could even combine several motifs, as shown in the above left photo. Mary Jane recommends color-photocopying several charts, cutting them into strips and placing them next to each other. What a fantastic idea for figuring out pattern placement.

I'm getting excited. It's a rainy fall day here in Spokane, and I'm having a hard time keeping myself in my seat here at the computer. I want to get started on those stockings. If I start this second, I might be able to finish two or three!

Get your copy of 200 Fair Isle Motifs today and start planning your adventures in Fair Isle.


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