Wildflower Necklaces: A Beautiful Fabric Yarn Dream

I have two words for you: FABRIC YARN. Have you used this stuff? It’s so cool! Knit Collage makes a beautiful fabric yarn called Wildflower, made from 100% floral-printed cotton fabric. They cut the fabric into strips, tie strips together at the ends, and then put up this very long strip into a skein. The colors and prints of this yarn line immediately capture the eye and stand out beautifully. Are you thinking, “Well, sure, that sounds cool, but what the heck am I going to make with that, Hannah?”? To which I say, “Why, Wildflower Necklaces, of course!”

fabric yarn

The Wildflower Necklaces pattern from Knit Collage are so much fun and quite easy and quick to make. There are also two different styles of necklace to choose from: the Braided Necklace and the Sailor Knot Necklace. I made six of them recently—one of each style in three different colors. I used a vibrant pink colorway that really pops, a gorgeous green that I particularly love because green is my life, and a white fabric with blue and green flowers. There’s also a blue and green patterned fabric I haven’t gotten a chance to get to yet, but I will definitely get my hands on that soon. This variety of colorways includes some very springy and summery colors that breathe fresh life into an accessory cache.

The only knitting you need to know to make these necklaces is how to make an i-cord. That’s seriously all it is! Make up the i-cord, then do some fancy (but easy) braiding, pop a clasp on there, and boom! Beautiful necklace made with fabric yarn. A finished necklace or a kit make for great gifts, too. I have been jokingly calling these necklaces “Coachella” necklaces, because they remind me of something someone might wear to that music festival. They have this totally boho-chic kind of vibe, but I think they would suit a variety of different people’s styles. They’re just super stinking cute and a lot of fun to make and wear.

fabric yarn

That clasp I mentioned earlier comes in the Wildflower Necklace kit, along with the yarn and the pattern. What’s great about these necklaces is that you can choose to glue that clasp on, or you can forego that step and just tie the necklace. Tying your Wildflowers Necklace gives it a different, more rustic style, if you prefer to wear it that way (and if you changed your mind you could always attach the clasp later). If you want to tie it, these make great decorative headbands, too! It’s a very whimsical, hippy-dippy look that makes for great feminine flair in the summertime, perhaps with a gauzy white dress.

Who would you make one for?

Happy Yarn Dreaming!

Get the Kit – One for You, Two for Friends!


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