Yarn Fest: Making You a Better Knitter, One Stitch at a Time

Every year, crafters get the opportunity to expand their toolbox at Interweave Yarn Fest. This can mean perusing the marketplace for patterns, yarn, needles and artisan-made yarn bowls. We would never discourage you from doing that. Mostly, though, it’s about exploring the course offerings that comprise the foundation of Yarn Fest.

This year alone, we are offering over thirty courses themed with knitting in mind, some of them staples – others unexpected and unique to our event. Why are they unique? Yarn Fest has the support of instructors that are knit designers, makers, and lovers of the craft. These teachers surface in our magazine pages with both their expertise and their aesthetic, enhancing your knitting experience on a regular basis.

This annual coming together of crafters is your opportunity to learn from knitting superstars face-to-face in an intimate classroom setting. Here is just a small sampling of the special learning focus you can find at Interweave Yarn Fest 2018.

Roositud: Estonian Colorwork Knitting

Say it with me. ROO-si-TOOD. Part of the fun is in pronouncing it, but overall it’s something that you must pursue.

Why? Well, this…

roositud knittng

The Aire Gloves, designed by Estonian-knitting master Nancy Bush, are featured in Piecework July/August 2017.

From Courtney Kelly’s blog, “Fall in Love with a Mysterious Estonian Stranger” –

Traditionally, roositud inlay was only found on mittens and stockings, but modern designers have found new and creative ways to use the technique on a variety of accessories. You can use the technique to great effect on small sections of dainty accessories, or you can create a bold graphic in many, many colors on the side of a hat or cowl.

It is another method of color work, and intriguing in its approach. Thanks, Estonia! This year at Yarn Fest, Kate Gagnon Osborn will be walking knitters through roositud, imparting Baltic culture onto your needles. Carry it with you into future projects, using the method to make your work stand apart and shine.

View Kate Gagnon Osborn’s Course Page Here

Baby Surprise Sweater Bootcamp

Who in your life is going to reap the reward of your taking this class from the amazing, technically savvy, Kate Atherley? She will arm you with a pattern and a mission to create a miniature version.

From the course description:

Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket is a very popular and clever pattern. You’ll learn not only how to read the pattern but also how to work the key stitches and skills required. We’ll discuss yarn choices, sizing, and ways to customize the pattern, including adding a hood or collar and working with multiple colors.

Now, give it some thought. At which baby shower will you steal the baby’s thunder with the unwrapping of this gift?

You already know, don’t you?

View Kate Atherley’s Course Page

Knitting, Finishing, and Blocking Shetland-Style

Those Shetlanders. Let me tell you something, they know their knitting. Remember the world’s fastest knitter? She totally rocks it, Shetland-style. But there are so many aspects to knitting – all the way to finishing. Shetland knitting does in fact have all of it covered.

In Elizabeth Johnston’s course, you will learn aspects of knitting and finishing to perfect your skills – and make knitting more pleasurable. Students will then review blocking methods on several garments. Enhancing the finished object, and bringing it to its full potential as a handmade garment will be your goal.

Ever use a blocking board? Get down with your bad blocking self.

View Elizabeth Johnston’s Course Page

What else can be found at Yarn Fest?

You won’t know unless you go!

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