Expand your wardrobe with knitscene Winter 2019

Welcome to the last knitscene issue of 2019. It’s been a whirlwind of an editorial and calendar year. We started off the year with the plan to use 2019 knitscene issues to explore the elements through knitwear—in spring we played with air, in summer with fire, and in fall with water. This Winter issue was slated to be all about earth, but the direction shifted a bit, as did our staff at the time of its initial development. This issue is a blend of ideas from different creative minds all swirled together over the course of ten months.

The final product from all these different creative sparks converging is something you’ll be able to use in your everyday life. You’ll be able to choose from two practical project collections in order to enhance your work wardrobe as well as your everyday wear choices. Sweaters for layering, wraps and scarves for warm accessorizing, and hats for quick outings or when there is no time for a shampoo, are just some of the projects in these collections for daytime and nighttime activities.

The Business with a Twist story has ten pieces to incorporate into your work wardrobe, styled to inspire you when you are dressing in the morning so you can feel your best while kicking butt at work.


The Everyday Cool story includes ten easily wearable accessories and sweaters that are comfortable and warm for any setting you might find yourself in this winter.


Along with these projects, we’ve included a savvy tech article about vertical seaming techniques, so you can approach this final step with confidence and have a professional finish to your garments. On a more serious note, we hear from knitter and writer Rachel Simmons on using knitting as a coping mechanism for anxiety that cropped up in her life.

Thanks for joining us for this issue of knitscene. I hope you find something here to spark your creativity and joy this winter.

Happy knitting,

P.S. Check out all of the projects on Ravelry!

Photos by Harper Point Photography

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