Even More Knitting Math for You!

Even if you’re not math-inclined, you can master the concept of knitting math! And you need to, so that your sweaters fit you perfectly. That’s what we all want in our knitted garments, right?

Knitting designer, teacher, and mathematician Kate Atherley has an on-demand web seminar that takes your alterations skills to the next level; it’s Math for Knitters Part 2: Gauge Adjustments and Pattern Alterations.

Kate provides solutions for customizing knitting patterns to your own specific needs. And if you’re interested in design, this class provides skills to get you started. Gauge is all-important, of course, and Kate goes in-depth on the topic, from how to check your gauge to solutions for getting gauge when you’re having trouble.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this webinar

Here’s some of what Kate covers in this webinar

You’ll learn:

—How to adjust pattern for a different gauge-mathematical and math-free solutions.
—Garment alterations: Changing garment length and adding or removing body shaping.
—Sleeve adjustments: Length, shaping, and fit.
—Clever, math-light strategies for custom-fit garments.

Download Math for Knitters Part 2: Gauge Adjustments and Pattern Alterations! It’ll change your knitting, I promise.


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