Episode 605 – Creative Combinations

Knitting meets crochet. Weaving meets knitting. Sock yarns that aren't just for sock knitting! On this episode of Knitting Daily TV, we're looking at creative combinations. When two fiber crafts merge, the results can be stunning!

Watch a preview of episode 605:

Getting Started:

On this episode's Getting Started segment, host Eunny Jang dives into the world of woven knitting. Woven knitting is an excellent way to show off novelty yarns, such as ribbon yarns, and Eunny shows you how. Eunny demonstrates woven knitting techniques, such as knitting with floats offset on each row, how to hold the yarn to make your knitting even faster, and how to incorporate color into your woven knitting. Learn these tips and more with your free download of 22 Techniques for Knitters of All Levels.
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Designer Spotlight

Shay visits with Yumiko Alexander, a designer known for her fashion-forward work that combines knitting and crochet techniques. Download the Swinging Ropes Scarf pattern seen on this episode, which is part of Yumiko's Warm Earth Collection.
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Crochet Corner:

Tunisian crochet has often been thought of as a combination of knitting and crochet techniques. On this episode of Crochet Corner, Kristin demonstrates the Tunisian simple stitch, which gives your crochet fabric a woven look. She shows how to incorporate colorwork into Tunsian crochet, as well as variations on Tunisian crochet that involve a combination of the simple stitch with double crochet.
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On this episode's How-To segment, celebrity knitter Deborah Norville is back with Eunny to explore other uses for sock yarn. The qualities of sock yarn lend themselves to making beautifully draped projects, such as blankets and afghans, shawls, hats, and even a cute tank top. Fine gauged yarn is especially great for garment shaping. Deborah demonstrates how to crochet the bottom edge of the Fllippy Top, and you can make this tank top along with her. Download your free pattern for the Crocheted Flippy Top, as well as the Knit Cabled Slipper Socks seen on this segment.  
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Quick Tip:

Make intarsia knitting even easier. Eunny demonstrates how to deal with tangled yarn with two easy tips. Download this tip and more with the 22 Techniques for Knitters of All Levels eBook.
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