Episode 309 Start Spinning

Spinning is continuing to grow in popularity amongst yarn loves, and fiber crafters everywhere are wanting to make their own yarns. Learn how to spin with Knitting Daily episode 309. All it takes is some fluff, a spindle or spinning wheel, and a little practice!

Getting Started – Liz joins Eunny for a spinning lesson using the hand spindle. This is spinning 101! You can make your own hand spindle using a CD. Be sure to visit the Spinning and Weaving Association’s website for more info on Learning to Spin.

Designer Spotlight –
Author of Respect the Spindle (Interweave, 2009) Abby Franquemont takes you one step further and shows how to use the hand spindle to spin self-striping sock yarns from hand painted fibers.

How-To – Liz returns for another unique “spin” on making yarns. She demonstrates spinning techniques applied to commercial yarns to make them uniquely yours, all done on a spinning wheel. Visit the Spinning & Weaving Association's website for more spinning tips and tricks!

Progressive Project –
Eunny and Shay finish up the lessons on the Progressive Project – the Ivy League Vest. Learn how to steek your vest for a flattering fit, as well as no-fuss finishing techniques. Download the pattern for the Ivy League Vest.

Interweave, Spinning & Weaving Association (SWA)

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