Episode 304 All About Alpaca

Alpacas are South American animals and descendents of the camel, but to crafters they are known for their fiber that creates beautiful yarns—prized for their softness, drape, and warmth. On Knitting Daily episode 304, you’ll get the inside story behind how these yarns are produced for their high-quality fibers. Plus, you’ll learn how to best knit with alpaca yarn to its best advantage.

Getting Started – Eunny welcomes Kathy Elkins from WEBS to demonstrate the best way to make a hank of alpaca into a useful ball of yarn by using a yarn swift. Download other tips and tricks for knitting.

Designer Spotlight – Meet Beth Lutz, an alpaca farmer, who joins Liz with a lesson on alpaca fiber types and properties. Download the pattern for the felted alpaca oven mitt.

How-To –
Becca Smith from Bagsmith joins Eunny and demonstrates Tunisian crochet (with a large crochet hook and extra bulky alpaca yarn!) Download the rug pattern.

Did You Know? – Eunny demonstrates unique aspects of alpaca yarn with the Manchester Jacket pattern, made with a blend of alpaca and extra fine merino wool for a beautiful drape. Download the pattern.

WEBS, The Alpaca Yarn Company, Bagsmith, Alpacas with a Twist

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