Episode 301 Traditional Cables

Cables are one of the most traditional knitting techniques, whether they are classic textured ropes, twists, or braids. In Knitting Daily episode 301 the world of cables is explored. Learn how to knit cables and use them to make beautiful knitwear. Plus, see the Knitting Daily TV new feature! Each episode, beginning with 301, will start out with beginning tips and techniques, so you can freshen up on your knitting basics.

Getting Started – Eunny demonstrates the basic rope cable and how to read a cable chart. Download 13 free tips and tricks for knitting from guests and experts on Series 300.

Designer Spotlight – Kathy Zimmerman, the Queen of Cables, visits the set and demonstrates the Katharine Hepburn cardigan, a classic piece that incorporates lace and cables. Download the cardigan pattern from Lace Style.

How-To –
Eunny joins Shay and demonstrates a reversible cable-scarf designed by Rebecca Daniels, The Rivulet Scarf original featured in Interweave Knits Fall 2009. This scarf is shown in a wool version and a cotton version, making this scarf perfect for all seasons. Download the scarf pattern.

Did You Know? –
Finally, Adina Klein joins Liz to offer her purls of wisdoms about cables and other traditional knitting techniques. Learn how to make a cable “lifeline,” how to remember what size needle each project in your stash uses, and more. Download 13 tips and tricks for knitting. 

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