Episode 213: Oh-So-Novel

Take a new look at novelty yarns and projects you can make with them. Learn what stitches look best with these versatile fibers, and get an introduction on making your own.
Sponsored by: YarnMarket.com, Trendsetter Yarns, Fiesta Yarns, and Ashford Handicrafts

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Getting Started: Deborah Knight introduces Kim to a variety of novelty fibers on the market that can add lots of interest to even simple knitting.
Sponsored by YarnMarket.com

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Designer Spotlight: Meet Barry Klein, designer and owner of Trendsetter Yarns, as he talks about his inspiration for creating novelty yarns and shows off a great sweater design called the Minestrone Pullover.
Sponsored by Trendsetter Yarns

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How-To: Shannon Okey demonstrates how to make fun and easy placemats using a needle felting technique. You can use fun yarns and fabrics, and create great textures to decorate your table.
Sponsored by Fiesta Yarns


You Asked It: It’s spinning 101 with spinning fiberista Liz Gipson! Liz answers a viewers question and demonstrates the very basics on how to spin on a wheel.
Sponsored by Ashford Handicrafts

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