Episode 210: Simple Style

Simple knitwear doesn’t have to mean boring, or even beginner! Take a look at knitwear garments with simple details and silhouettes that have stunning results.
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Getting Started: Deborah Knight from YarnMarket.com visits the set with an overview of the yarns that give a sophisticated look to the simplest designs.
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Designer Spotlight: New York designer Wenlan Chia, also known as Twinkle, joins Eunny to discuss how she transfers her runway designs to knitwear you can make at home.
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How-To: Eunny and Shay demonstrate a lace pattern on a hat, mittens, and a scarf – all made from one skein of yarn.
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You Asked It: Bonnie Burton from Colorful Stitches shares a unique design called the Crosstown Convertible, a great design for knitters who want to move beyond the scarf and design something fashion-forward. This garment can be worn in multiple ways, perfect for any individual!
Sponsored by Colorful Stitches
For the Crosstown Convertible pattern, please contact Colorful Stitches

Crosstown Convertible Download Crosstown Convertible 


You Made It: Laura Kelly and her daughter Devon, from MyHandworkStudio.com join Eunny and offer tips for introducing young people to needle crafts. Plus, Devon demonstrates one of her best first knitting projects for kids and teens.
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